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1. I moved to Canada when i was 4 years old
2. I've been living in Ontario for 5 years
3. I'm an Atheist going to a Catholic high school
4. I want to major in Political Science and Economics
5. I am an only child
6. I used to take competitive dance (Hip hop, Jazz, Lyrical, Musical theater)
7. I was born with hip dysplasia and I have light scoliosis
8. I want to try lucid dreaming
9. I am currently going to my 7th school
10. I was born in Ukraine
11. I have a fear of heights
  • Mood: Big Grin
  • Watching: Supernatural
  • Eating: sushi
  • Drinking: water

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Matthew walked around his home and heard a loud crashing sound and grabbed his hockey stick. He growled softly and ran to the scene seeing his brother at his door. "Oh...It's only you,Alfie..." He smiled and chuckled whispering and let him in.

"You seriously need to call before you walk to my house..." He sighed and put the stick away. He hugged his brother slowly and Kumajiro waddled into the room. "Hey Kuma..." He picked him up and nuzzled his head.
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