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November 25, 2012
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America x Reader

Secretly planned

You quickly ran into your favorite coffee shop hiding under your hood from the sharp cold wind and heavy down pour. You had found this little joint a couple of weeks ago and instantly fell in love with it and now you came here all the time to clear your head or get some inspiration. You entered, took off your coat and hung it on the old wooden coat rack. The smell of coffee and freshly baked goods enveloped you.
"Morning ______, do you want the usual?" said the girl behind the counter.
"You bet ya!" You smiled at her "Oh my god I love your new hair cut, when did you get it?" Her usually braided blond hair was cut shoulder length with a purple ribbon tied into it.
"Yesterday, do you like it?" You nodded, it looked cute on her.

You walked over to your usual seat by the window and sat down looking around the shop. It had a homey feel, the walls were worn out bricks and Victorian burgundy wallpaper. The floor was  Distressed Heritage Grade wood and every piece of furniture seemed like it had its own character. On top of everything the part that you loved the most was the smell, it was warm and sweet.
"Here you go." Lily said as the put your cup down on the small round table, you thanked her, paid for the drink and took a sip, the warmth spread through you. You stared people watching as the rain slowed down and you didn't notice you started drifting off until the soft chime of the bell on the door brought you back.

You looked over to the door and noticed a guy, about your age, walk in. He was tall, blond, and had quite a muscular build, he was wearing jeans, Nike shoes, and a leather brown bomber jacket. You blushed and looked away taking out your computer, setting on the table and opening it. You sat and waited while it loaded, you sighed as logged in remembering why you came here in the first place. You had an essay due next week and you didn't even start yet because you were crammed with homework, after school activities, friends and checking and updating your deviantART account. Well actually you were just procrastinating, it was just so boring but you had to do it some time.

As you started typing you kept an eye on the cute blond guy, he headed over to the counter leaning against it as he ordered something. He paid and went over to a table behind you, taking out his phone and typing something. A couple of minutes later Lily hurried passed you with a cup of what smelled like black coffee, which you assumed was for the blond. While walking back Lily put a napkin on your table and you picked it up curiously. You flipped it over and suddenly noticed that there was neat writing on the back, you looked at it and it read:

Hey I'm Alfred F. Jones, :D

You smiled lightly writing back on another napkin, even tho you felt like you we're back in grade 5 passing notes in class it was kinda funny. You passed the napkin back over to Alfred, and continued writing your essay still thinking about him. Suddenly you felt a tap on your shoulder, you turned around and saw Alfred smiling at you.

"Nice to meet you ________"  You froze, his eyes were mesmerizing, they were a crystal blue and looked like the endless ocean. You realized you were staring and shook your head lightly, blinked your eyes quickly and responded.
"N-nice to meet you to Alfred!" He chuckled, so you returned a smile and blushed but inside you were panicking, he was really cute and he was talking to you but all you did was stutter and stare at him like an idiot. Usually you were perfectly fine talking with guys but he gave you butterflys and made you feel weak in the knees.

"So what you typing there" he said nodding towards your laptop,
"A stupid essay, I have to give it in next week"
"Well then you might want to check it over." You looked at the screen and realized you've been typing random letters for most of it. You blushed closing the laptop quickly, And tried to change the conversation so you said the first thing that came to mind.
"So how come you're here on a rainy Saturday morning?"
"Well my house is being renovated so it stinks and I wanted to relax so I remembered that my friend told me about this place and so I thought I'll check it out." He grinned taking a sip of his coffee. " And it looks like it was a lucky thing I came."
"Lucks all mine!" You didn't realize you said that until the words left your lips.
"Well we can argue about that, so how come your here on a rainy Saturday morning" he said jokingly.
"Well i come here all the time just to relax,get away from problems and just clear my head."

Meanwhile in the kitchen Lily was staring at them threw the door and smiling.
"You know you look crazy when you smile like that" Her brother Vash commented.
"But everything is going according to plan, we can begin part 2 of the operation."

Mid way thru your conversation a song came on the speakers and Alfred broke out into a smile as he stood up, it looked like he just thought of a genius idea.
"Care for a dance?" You nodded and took his hand standing up from your seat, it could be fun right?You recognized the song, it was zero to hero from Hercules, you loved that song, because come on nobody is too old for Disney! You guys started to dance in the cramped space jumping around and singing along. It was so much fun you were flipping your hair and twirling around, you didn't notice the suspiciously creepy look Lily was giving you two from the counter. At the end of the song both of you broke out laughing, and sat down at your table.

" That was awesome!" you said between breaths, you were surprisingly tired, as you threw your head back.
"Definitely it's actually my favorite Disney song" Alfred interjected looking a lot less tiered then you felt.
" Mine is _________" Suddenly his phone started playing the batman theme song and lit up. Alfred glanced at it and rolled his eyes chuckling.
" What Is it?" You asked curiously.
" I have to go now, the workers forgot my brother so they made his room  into a storage area now he's depressed and yelling about maple syrup, hockey or something, but I had a great time with you and I hope we can meet again?" He said with a hopeful expression.
" I would love to!" You took your phone out and passed it to Alfred as he passed you his. You quickly typed in your name and number, then you took a picture of yourself, you looked OK tho your hair was kinda messed up after the dancing and you had a light blush on your cheeks, but you didn't wanna retake it so it will do.You switched phones again and Alfred quickly bowed to you as you exchanged goodbyes. You looked at your phone and saw Alfred's pic, he looked so cute, he was sticking his tongue and winking. You put your phone down and as soon as he waked out you did your little happy dance, thank god nobody else was around in the coffee shop to witness that. As you sat down suddenly your phone rang and when you picked it up to see it turned out to be a text:

Alfred F. Jones
You can call me Al, and I loved the happy dance!

You blushed opening up your laptop, dang you forgot that there is a window.

Meanwhile in the kitchen Lily was talking to her older brother.
"Vash i told you they would get along"
"Well, don't you think they'll figure out you were the one who wrote the first note and passed it to ______?" Vash said as he stacked the new boxes.
"Maybe, but without me they wouldn't have talked to each other, I feel like cupid."
"Why did you do this anyway?"
“Because ______ is a great person, but she never seems to find a good guy. Alfred is also great, a bit loud and obnoxious, but good and also has no luck with his love life. They are perfect for eachother” Lily kept on talking as she put the tea on the shelf “So I decided to take matters in my own hands, I got Arthur to tell Alfred about the shop and when they both showed up I recommended he sits in the seat beside her but still nothing happened” She noticed customers walk in “One second.”

She came back quickly “Once small cappuccino and a medium latte”  she told Vash “Now where was I, oh right so i had to help them, so I made a note and said it was Alfred, and it went well” Vash gave her the drinks and said
“But was the song necessary?”
“Yes yes it was.”
Hey guys this is my first post on DA, hope you enjoy it, I'm thinking about writing a sequel later on. R and R
sequel: [link]
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bugsbunny1234 Featured By Owner May 15, 2013
Loved it. :)
ElectricCupcakes Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
:I I loved the waitress most
Also I don't think anybody would want to be around me if I said "My favorite Disney song is Poor Unfortunate Souls! :D"
skating-wally Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2013
lol what a devious person!!!!! lol and yes the song was absolutely necessary!!!! :D Loved every word of this story!!!!
LennonTheLlama97 Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2012  Student Writer
So much adorableness. And so many feels. :squee:
Although I don't know how happy America would be about my favorite Disney song being "Bella Notte." :XD:
Zerrota Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2012  Student Writer
Thanks and I love that song too! And I'm sure America loves lady and the tramp (I feel like he likes cheesy and sweet Disney stuff to)
LennonTheLlama97 Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2012  Student Writer
Don't we all deep down love Disney? I sure know a few guilty pleasure Disney movies. :XD:
XxMaggi-JonesXx Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
a] i love the song choice, your right! your never to old for Disney!
b] you got me pegged! i'd SO dance around like that to a song like that
c] i would also do the happy dance, (forgetting the window part, also included =w=lll)
Zerrota Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2012  Student Writer
Thank you! and I'll write the sequel after new years and post it on the 5th of January. :D
XxMaggi-JonesXx Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
THANK YOU SO MUCH! I LOVE YOU (sorry, i live in close proximity to a frech girl)
Zerrota Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2012  Student Writer
No problem, love you to!!! And thanks for the enthusiasm, do you want anything in particular to happen on their date?
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